Successful Solutions provide Sustainable Solutions


Remote Site Solutions (“RSS”) was set up to implement projects, mainly in developing countries and remote locations, where access to newer technology has been restricted and social-economic development faces stiff challenges.


RSS evaluates all aspects of a client's business to assess what possibilities exist to reduce both cash costs and

greenhouse gas emissions.  


The introduction of innovative technology leads to a reduction in operating costs through lower fuel consumption, as well as facilitating a reduced environmental footprint and improved sustainability. 



RSS works closely with project developers to assess where solutions can be provided, and can range from simple technology retrofits, through larger, more-complex projects.  

Technology Solutions Delivered:


  • Dual-Fuel Systems (logistics & haulage, mining, marine sectors)

  • Ultracapacitors (power / grid management, urban transport, logistics & haulage, mining, marine sectors)

  • Renewables & Energy Storage (power / grid management, data centres, mining, remote locations)

  • Waste-to-Value Systems (municipal authorities, remote locations)



RSS is an advisory and services company which was created to meet the needs of corporate and government clients, wishing to embrace cost-effective and sustainable project solutions.


The combination of climate change awareness, the pressures of population growth, more stringent regulations, technology improvements and cost reductions has contributed to renewed impetus in delivering socially-acceptable solutions.  


RSS’s core focus is on the delivery of fuel efficiency, waste recovery and clean technology solutions. 


RSS intermediates between reputable technology providers, project developers, government authorities and funding providers to ensure projects are delivered smoothly and within budget.



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